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What are the overall bike dimensions?
Length – 2280 mm
width– 1630 mm
height– 1045 mm
What is the width of the tire track from outside tire edge to outside tire edge?
4,0 – 19 inches for all models, exept Ural Retro and M70 Retro (18 inches).
What are the overall dimensions of the sidecar?
Length – 1900 mm
width – 690 mm
What is the dry weight of a Ural?
335 kg
What is the gross weight of a Ural?
It depends of options installed. Gross weight – 609 kg.
What is the minimum trailer size necessary to haul a Ural?
Length – 2480 мм width – 1830 мм
height – 1245 мм
How much weight can a Ural handle including the rider?
no more than 350 kg
What is the fuel consumption?
9 l/100 km. in town, 5-7 l/100 km on the route.
Where can I find a list of aftermarket accessories for my Ural?
On the website «Parts and Accessories».
There is no Ural dealer near me, how do I get warranty work or service work done?
Having recieved a warranty, you should join United Database of Ural motorcycles owners on the website www.community.uralmoto.ru and mark there every Maintenance operation made in service center or by yourself.
May I transfer my warranty?
Does my bike come with touch up paint?
Yes, your Ural comes with the touch up paint, unless it’s a powder coated model (i.e. Ural T).
Can I order touch up paint?
Yes—when available—from any authorized Ural dealer.
What spare parts would you recommend having when taking an extended trip on my Ural?
Spare tyre for the beginning. Basic equipment includes all necessary tools.
Can I order a sidecar even if I don’t own a Ural?
Yes, it can be ordered through any service center.
Do you carry the corresponding sidecar adapter to attach it to my non-Ural bike?
No. In this situation, you would have to order an adapter kit from a sidecar specialist.
Can I convert my 1WD Ural into 2WD?
It is possible. You have to order a special kit. The price you can specify by calling us.
Can I detach my sidecar from my Ural and ride it?
Yes, but you have to do it in the service center.
Can I add a sidecar to my Ural Solo
No. There are no connection points on the frame.
What is the correct ballast placement for my Ural?
We usually recommend place the ballast in the passenger footwell of the sidecar.
Do you offer a trailers for Urals
Why does a Ural cost so much?
The Ural of today is light years away from what it was as recently as 2003, not to mention the earlier models. Brembo, Herzog, Keihin, Denso, Sachs, Marzocchi, Ducati Energia, SKF – these are just a few names of component suppliers we use to build Urals.