Ural Patrol 2013

Ural Patrol – casual but unique!
This bike is good off-road as well as on road! This is the perfect alternative for adventure, hunting and fishing lovers.
Patrol is manufactured with an on-demand sidecar drive. This street legal 2wd all-terrain ready motorcycle gives you the ability to switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever! Maybe Patrol is not too maneuverable, but it has a huge ground clearance because of 2WD and 19-incher wheels.
Engine is air cooled, 4 stroke, opposed twin cylinder equipped with electro and kick starter.
Ural Patrol 2013 represented in:
Woodland green


Model IMZ-8.1037/4 Patrol/Sportsman sidecar
Engine type IMZ-8.128-00011, displacement 745 cc, OHV air cooled, 4 stroke, opposed twin cylinder Electric & Kickstarter. Starter 736 W. Rated HP @5600RPM: 40, Rated Torque at 4500 RPM: 5300 kg/m
Fuel consumption rate 8,43 l / 100 km (out of town)
Fuel system carbureted, dual Keihin; Air filter
Exhaust system with catalytic neutralizator  two horizontal mufflers. Hosses and clamps of IMZ manufacture.
Transmission 4 speed, reverse gear, gearing ratio I-3,60; II-2,28; III-1,56; IV-1,19;
Clutch dry double disc
Final drive shaft drive.
Final drive ratio 4.62
Sidecar wheel drive Yes
Handle bar components of Italian manufacture
Wheels Interchangable; band — 19х2,15″. tires — 4,0х19″
Brakes front — oil disk brake BREMBO; rear – drum brake.
Engine electrical system speed indicator km/h and ml/h. Headlight of IMZ manufacture.
Generator DENSO, 500W, 14V.
Battery Yuasa
Ignition microprocessor spark timing system Ducatti.
Frame multi-operated with central stand. Antitheft lock.
Fuel tank fuel tank TAIYO GIKEN, JAPAN. With/without tooling box. Capacity 22 l.
Driver’s seat and passenger seat tractor seat, bench seat – under order
Suspension SACHS, spring damper: black or chrome – under order
Front fork Marzocchi telescopic forks
Sidecar sidecar windscreen (optional).
Spare wheel Yes
Tank Left.
Options driver’s windscreen – (optional) under order.
Color under order
ДAdditional carrier, dirt guard, side-panels, passenger’s handhold colored

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