Design principles

Unlike any other combinations, Ural is the only motorcycle specifically built for usage with sidecar.
First designed 70 years ago by outstanding BMW engineers and later developed and modified by talented Russians, Ural is one of these rare technical wonders, which outlived its creators as times went by. The Ural design is based on principles which lay the foundation for the sidecar experience. The Ural motorcycle design is not just about attaching a sidecar to the motorcycle, but also about making the machine capable for almost any type of road, weather, and service condition.
These motorcycles and sidecars are truly built for purpose, and thanks to the continual refinement of the Ural motorcycle design, our product serves our customers as best it can.
•Ural is the only motorcycles disigned with sidecar
•All design principles are tailored to building a cohesive sidecar motorcycle.
•While many companies sell so called “bolt on sidecars” for most makes and models they will never handle like a Ural without extensive modifications to steering and braking components
•Ural sidecars are built tough for even the most adventuresome of riders who demand a solid platform for both on and off road riding
•Sidecars provide stability beyond anything the competition can offer; year round riding in some of the worst weather imaginable is possible and de rigueur for Ural
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Our True Colors—Why We Powdercoat

For 2012 models, Ural powder coat and paint is available as the final finish on the bodywork of all available motorcycles.

Powder coating is a rarely used word when discussing the finish of modern day motorcycles. The obvious reason for this being the case is because more often then not, modern motorcycle bodywork is plastic. Powder coating metal, rather than painting it, is a fantastic opportunity to create a tough finish, without many of the headaches associated with paint. The results of the powder coated finish on our Urals, is an incredibly tough and uniform finish which smartly matches the “go anywhere” expectations of our sidecar motorcycles.

Ride, travel, experience, and rest assured that your Ural will look just as great as it did when you left the garage.

For painting Ural Tourist and Ural Patrol we use acrylic paint, Ural Retro we paint with emanel with lacquer coating.

The Principle

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Leading Link Forks

•Designed for the best handling and maneuverability specifically for a sidecar application
•More rigid than conventional forks—providing stability in turns
•On and off road suspension gives predictable road manners while providing durability off road
•Leading link forks improve braking, the design forces the wheel down whereas conventional forks allow the motorcycle to “dive”
•Leading forks are easy to maintain, no messy fork oil changes or regular service to worry about


•Ural has been using Brembo calipers and master cylinders since 2003 and began using full floating Brembo rotors in 2007
•For added safety, brakes are used on all three wheels including the sidecar
•Rear and sidecar brakes are linked and easily adjusted for optimum braking regardless of road conditions


•Boxer engine that has stood the test of time
•Easy to maintain


    •Bulletproof design that has been continually improved for better shifting and ease of operation
    •Gear driven reveres that is reliable
    •The others may have reverse but rely on the starter to do all the work
    •Heal and toe shifter adds more predictable and easy shifting
    •Simple fluid change maintenance

Two Wheel Drive

•The only sidecar motorcycle available with two wheel drive
•Very capable off road
•2wd will take you places you never thought possible with a sidecar
•The Jeep of motorcycles
•Fully engageable, there when you want, only when you want it


•Standard double cradle frame is the perfect fit for a sidecar
•Swing arm suspension on both motorcycle and sidecar
•Coil sprung shocks on all three corners provide excellent ride quality


•Solid steel, NO plastic or fiberglass to worry about
•Usable storage space not found with the competition
•Comfy sidecar accommodates passengers of all sizes
•Retro look with modern amenities such as windscreens, power outlets and other unique features
•Easy access into passenger seat, no need to climb over the edge to get in or out
•Bring the family, the dog, or your buddy along for the ride, no need be left behind
•Fun for the whole family