2013 Ural Model Comparison

For anyone who has ever wanted a simple chart for a better understanding of the differences between Ural sidecar models, this is it. This is a complete Ural sidecar comparison broken down by model. We’ve done our best to detail the standard equipment included on each 2013 Ural.

X denotes standard equipment on each 2013 Ural, an empty field denotes equipment not included—but in some cases a great opportunity for an upgrade!





Tourist T


Retro M70

1WD     X X X X 
2WD X X        
Revers X X X X X X
Gas tank standart   X X X    
Gas tank w/tool box X          
Gas tank “Retro”         X X
Black trim X     X   X
Silver trim   X X   X  
Flat powder paint X     X   X
Gloss paint   X X   X  
Tractor seat X     X X X
Rear fender rack X       X X
Bench seat   X X      
Passenger handles   X X      
Passenger footpegs   X X      
Spare tire X X X     X
Spare tire rack X X        
Trunk lock X X X X X X
Tonneau cover X X X   X X
Sidecar windscreen w/apron   X X   X  
Rubber floormat X X X X X X
Velour sidecar panels         X  
Wooden floormat         X X
Sidecar spot light X          
Sidecar power outlet X X X      
Sidecar bamper black X          
Sidecar bamper silver   X        
Fuel cannister X          
Shovel X          
Tire pump X X X   X X
Tool kit  
Touch-Up paint X X X   X X